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Thread: Tilite rear seat height.

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    Tilite rear seat height.

    Hi, If I wanted to increase the dump on a series 1 ZRA beyond the range of the clamps provided could I flip the clamps over so the axle is at the front and they are upside down? I know this would increase the COG but as I need to do that nayway that would be fine. I hope this makes sense.


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    I just dug my ZRa (Series1) out to have a look and I'm going to have to say yes. And switching the left one with the right one will keep the COG the same.

    I must say that is some "out of the box" thinking. What I did in my confused PTSD state of existence after leaving rehab and needing more dump to better my wheeling technique was to hack off the camber clamps with a cut-off wheel. Your method is far simpler and will be easier on the eyes.

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    Sweet! It looks like it will work. Please let us know how it goes.

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