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Thread: Anti-roll back device

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    Anti-roll back device

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of a anti-roll back device about $27.00. You intall it in the area of the brake lever. This device stops you as you roll up a steep incline until to push forward again. A pendulum type setup. Disable dealer just told me about it and after an hour of searching I am unable to locate.

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    Called grade-aids, hill-climbers or hill-holders...we call them "thumb smashers". They are very easy to get a thumb jammed into when pushing. Occasionally we will use them, but we find many that have them later ask to have them removed for the reason above.

    Here is some examples:


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    My experience: Same as above, everybody that gets them ends up removing.

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    My daughter has them, but we only install them when we go on vacation. We go to Disney World once or twice a year and there's a big (pre-ADA) hill to get on the monorail. If we ever went to San Fransisco we might use them there too. She has limited hand function and can't grab the wheels hard enough to hold herself on a hill for a prolonged period of time. She can get around fine day to day but vacations present unknown obstacles.

    But once we get home I out her regular brakes back on.


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