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Thread: Blood in urine when I poop

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    Blood in urine when I poop

    I posted here before Xmas about doing damage when I forced a coude catheter and bleed fairly badly,I stopped cathing for about a month and the problem seemed to go away.
    I have noticed the past 3 times I poop and strain hard on the toilet blood comes out when I pee,actually today quite a lot of blood.
    I dont bleed when I Cath and there is no infection present,its like when I try to poop something in my urinary tract gives and the blood comes out............

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    With no other urinary tract symptoms and and having bright blood, it may be a tear in the small veins of the prostate with straining during a bowel program. Talk to your urologist.

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    Totally agree with GJ. THe other thought is that the peeing may actually release the sphincter in the bowel and the blood could be coming from there.

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    I hope it is not a symptom of prostate cancer though,it is strange this only happens when I strain on the toilet.
    Is it possable for a catheter to damage the prostate?
    I am going to see the Doc tomorrow dor a referal to a uroligist.......

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    Keep us in the loop, if you don't mind.l

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    I heard that when the blood comes in urine, then it might be an infection or injury to the urinary system.
    endoscope repair

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