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Thread: Great results from our Chondroitinase study

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris arnold View Post
    Exactly so. Hope I'm not being naive, but do any of our spinal injury units in the UK even know about this? If so, what are they doing about it?
    Also worth checking this out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post

    I might be being naive as well, but the way this article is worded suggests Acute research..... I hope I am mistaken?
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    No it says that theres research that show ChonABC plus rehab produces recovery. It was in an email that i got from the CDRF today. I wish i knew how to post it but i dont have a clue how. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    It all depends on who you ask. Some clinicians are on the pulse and know what is going on. Others are just too busy with other things such as acute care, rehabilitation protocols, admin etc etc to even consider it. The ones on the pulse feel helpless as their priorities are for the units to continue to operate as best they can.

    The units are only likely to act when they are put under pressure to by external forces. Every action within a unit is dictated to by an existing protocol.

    As with most things, it is up to the end-user to make a difference.
    Yes, I can see this. Units have to maintain a balance between customer (end user) pressures, and the clear need to maintain a frame work of operation i.e. the protocol.
    While funding is not the main link between getting ch'ase into mainstream "production", money is a recurring and ever tightening belt when operating SCI units and providing care, specifically the Welfare Reform Bill, which could also be called the Fareworse Reform Bill.
    HM Gov', while apparently being able to fund numerous cockeyed schemes when it suits them, in addition to (I'm told) insisting on a £billion of aid to India that is not wanted by that country, various Inquiries into abuses of privilege etc that are patent whitewashes, and where the only gains appear to be made by lawyers, give us the impression that we are a community thirsty for all the aid we can get. This perception is furthered, not intentionally by the agencies like rehabs, Backup Trust etc whose main thrust is constrained towards overcoming rather than eliminating disability.
    We, the neurologically messed up community, far wider than SCI per se, crave independence, freedom from the clutter of paraphernalia, social workers, care and the huge burden of cost to our fellows that attends this. Surely ch'ase deserves a rocket propelled advantage!
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