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Thread: Cure or scam?

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    Cure or scam?

    A friend sent me a couple of videos on this stuff called Asea. my first impression is it is a multilevel marketing/ponzi scheme.
    anyone been approached or know about it, it is the new gogo berries, acai juice from the amazon. blue -green algae. Amway party anyone?
    It seems they always get the people that are broke and down on their luck to get involved, the thing that pisses me off the most with these plans is that many times so called "friends" bring them in. Friendship is not about taking money from a broke person to make a couple bucks for yourself.

    i haven't googled it yet with +scam to see what the word is,but will do so shortly. i felt bad, and i know i hurt her feelings by my reaction after watching the videos , that its multi level marketing commonly known as a ponzi scheme
    cauda equina

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    My friend got involved with Mona Vie...what a nightmare
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    It is crap. They have done a great job of google spamming the keywords "asea scam" with a bunch of sites that they control. It is just another network marketing business selling snake oil.

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