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Thread: Jill Kinmont Boothe dies

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    Jill Kinmont Boothe dies

    I first learned of Jill two years after I became disabled when I saw the movie The Other Side of the Mountain in 1975. The movie and her story certainly inspired me as a child with a spinal cord injury.

    Little did I know that I would move to her hometown over 30 years later. I did not know Jill but would see her around town from time to time. I'm sorry I never got the chance to meet her and let her know how her story meant to much to me as a child.... and throughout my life.
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    I remember the movie well, my sympathies to her loved ones.
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    I'm sorry to hear this. She was someone I looked up to a great deal over the years.

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    Saw the movie as well. Condolences.
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    Read the books in elementary school, probably saw the movies at the same time. If my calculations are right she was a quad for 56.

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    yep, saw the movie after injury, remembered was hard to watch, but good
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    I seen the movies and I thought it was great that she became a teacher and that she taught native american kids. Sorry to hear she passed.

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    i was sorry to see this on news. sorrier to see it didn't even rank as top news. i saw the movies/read book well in advance of my accident. ironically, my son and i were talking about her just a few days ago. she just came up in our conversation about life, longevity w/sci, etc. and i told him she was still alive after being injured in 56 or something. i showed him her picture, story, etc. it was weird that after just randomly talking w/him in what has become rare talks (he's 19) that she should pass away within days.

    what an inspiration jkb is.

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    rest in peace dear lady.

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    She made it to age 75 and the average life span for her level injury is probably around 62.5.

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