60 Minutes TV News Program, Sunday, Feb.19th:
Dr Irving Kirsch (Associate Director of the placebo studies program at Harvard U.)

"Antidepressants and Their Placebo Effects"

His claim, specific to antidepressants, is based on how the FDA-approved clinical trial data is reported in effort to disregard the ineffectiveness of the drugs. "FDA only requires a company's drug prove more effective than a placebo in merely two clinical trials"
The unreported data is where the ineffectiveness of the antideps is buried, and remains so because the US antidepressant business is "estimated at $11.3 billion", and because it challenges the theories behind the science of how antidepressants are assumed to work.
Especially since the concentration of antidep users are in the moderately depressed levels where the effectiveness of the drugs are shown to be weakest.

However, the drugs have proven to be more effective in the extreme levels of depression.

Is the latter where most SCI fall?
What does this say about our FDA?