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Thread: Harassment at work?

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    Harassment at work?

    I do not have to tell anyone here how much work it takes to just be able to "walk" after a spinal injury, I have been back to work part time for a several weeks now and Thursday as i walked down the hall from the rest room another employee stopped and asked "does walking like that make you feel better" as he did a hunchback impression dragging one foot (like I do) then said "maybe we can all walk like that"!! for hours i sat and wondered how was that suppose to be funny? this individual is second in command who really needs to retire, acts miserable daily for having to be there, I have written a complaint letter to his supervisor but have not turned it in yet taking the weekend to think about it, I felt he was just plain being mean and making fun of me, I am not his first victim. What are your thoughts?? am i being over sensitive?
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    what he did was rude and unacceptable and most definitely needs to be reported!! if you don't, then he will feel it is ok to treat others in this manner. i am sorry this happened to you
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    Definitely not OK. Send the letter to his supervisor, and copy it to the HR department. Harassment (and creating a hostile work environment) is not OK, regardless if it is due to disability or gender or race, etc..


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    Amen to what has been said above. This needs to be reported. What a horrible thing for you to have been subjected to.

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    What a horrible thing to say?

    But....if he is second in command, who are you giving the letter to?

    I would be cautious there especially if your state is an at will state meaning they can fire you for any reason.

    I would let it ride and see if there is another instance. Let it happen a few times. Keep a journal exactly what, where, when, how, what was precise.

    If you are not his first victim, get with the others but you all must have detailed journals to report to your state agencies even federal.

    If he is second in command...I don't know that it would do much good if it has been going on and nothing has been done already ESPECIALLY IF IT IS A SMALL COMPANY which I seem to remember you saying in one of your previous conversations or am I getting you mixed up?
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    This is what I'd do.
    Quote Originally Posted by darkeyed_daisy
    I would let it ride and see if there is another instance. Let it happen a few times. Keep a journal exactly what, where, when, how, what was precise.

    If you are not his first victim, get with the others but you all must have detailed journals to report to your state agencies even federal.
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    If no one elce saw or heard what he said he'll probably deny or put what he said as a mis understanding. If it was me i will at first let it be known what he said to work mates garner their support and then face him upfront and infront of workmates and make clear that what he said was not nice, insulting and that if it happened again you would report him in writing.

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    I am with Bobby and Daisy, there is a lot of potential downside. Keep track of it and if it becomes a pattern deal with it. Me being me the next time it happened I would respond in kind with something like... yeah oddly enough that is how your mom was walking last night after I left her house. Don't be a victim.

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    HR is not your friend or advocate. The work place is not fair no matter how many discrimination laws are on the books. I work in a very competitive field and you give them nothing and minimize any special kind of treatment you get. A low profile just makes it easier for you.

    This past week I was asked if I was colorblind. Last month my new boss said that she didn't want me working past normal work hours because it might give the impression that I have depression because the person I just replaced had it and was at work all the time. By my count there are 3-4 possible violations listed here but I'm just letting it slide. I get 1-2 of these things a month. It's intimidation but it's been everywhere I've worked and in lots of different forms.

    A co-worker of mine about 10 years ago came up to me one day and said I just wanted to let you know that I went to the trouble of rescheduling our 12 person meeting in our building so that you wouldn't have to go out in the rain in your chair over to the other building. This seems nice and considerate on the surface right? Well, I had worked with her for 5 years and she never did anything like that before in fact she was very respectful of that line. What I think motivated this was she trained me my first year and I was just promoted to a position higher than her.

    There were also a couple of VIPs attending that meeting and having it rescheduled on my behalf (when I didn't ask for it) just looked bad. The VIPs had to walk in the rain because of me. This is the kind of crap that makes work suck. It's subtle but real!

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    I also like Daisy's advice .. but if it bothered me enough, I'd approach the person on my own.
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