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Thread: NEW.... C1/2 lesion/contusion.... answers??

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    Hi, and thanks so much for your post Cajun.

    I had another MRI a few weeks ago- my pain is still fairly high levels, the jolts and jumping at times can be 10 in a row when trying to relax or so once I am relaxed and trying to sleep, or literally relax from being up too much.
    My lesion shrunk some, and I have some sensation in a few spots I didn't have before. The weakness and down the right side is prevalent, and moreso the more I am up or try to do anything. I drop things constantly! The jumps are the worst and I dread relaxing at times. I have been SOO tired it's ridiculous but my dr says its expected between the constant pain and the medications I'm on, some days, total with naps I sleep 16hrs. Other days, due to the pain and discomfort, I am lucky if I get 2hrs.

    I still have ALOT of pain at the point of injury, and my entire head moreso the right. Ihave improvement but truly expected more than what I have. I am amazed at your recovery! I have read that usually the most healing and best you can get is usually by 6 months- but given your story I see healing did continue past that point for you to get to where you are today. Simply amazing indeed I am very happy for you- so do you have any sensation loss, or certain motor loss - what do you have residual from you injury?

    I see mine are 'changing' so to speak. My arm is like it's fake to me. The only reason I feel anything isn't from that hand, but from the point I am touching, I do get alot o neuropathy, and burning at times,constant pain but like INNER pain not surface type pain.

    I also just realized I have weakness as well on my right side stomach and rib cage as I tried (unsuccessfully of course) to do a crunch due to this nice gut and love handles I have developed thanks to the strong steroids as well as lack of full mobility - I can only be up about 2hrs- 3 is pushing it- 4 I'm shot and taking anotherpain pill. But when I tried to do the crunch I realized I cannot when trying to rely on the right side muscles. It was upsetting to find out another part that doesnt work.

    I'm 4 months in now, and just learned that one- so- its kinda back to the drawing board emotionally in a way. IDK. Just really hard. I have a psychotherapist now thankfully. I am having a rough time with this.

    Thanks again so much for your response, I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond I didn't know i had a post on my thread. Have a great day- and I am very glad to hear about your recovery!
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    Hi White so sorry I just saw your post. It was done in a medical setting, really that's all I can say regarding it. I'm sure you understand why

    Thanks for the support- this is a very hard thing to go through, and emotionally even worse. I have so much respect for all those who are dealing with, or have gone through this, as I realize and notice how 'lucky' I am, even though being in my shoes at times, it truly doesn't feel like 'luck' at all. With the levels of pain and so many things going on or that are wrong, there is many a time I wonder which would have been a better outcome- truly.


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    Thanks Bill !
    Impressing bowling there

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