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Thread: Interesting discovery with mind/body

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    Interesting discovery with mind/body

    A few days ago I was high which increases my nerve activity it seems. I was laying down on my bed sideways with my bad leg (which the ankle hasn't moved in about 6 years) and I imagined my whole leg and ankle as a strip of glowing energy and as I was focusing completely on my ankle I attempted to bend this energy upward.

    After about 2 minutes of trying this I felt my ankle dragging against the bed sheets upward. I also do a similar activity to flex my abs which has increased my ab flexing ability a ton.

    I use to only try to move my damaged parts by tensing up my whole upper body and sending a big jolt of energy down to what I want to move which will kick a spasim in and I'm able to flex my leg upward. But this is a totally new method of just relaxing and using visuals which I think is more powerful than just sending random signals down and hoping it moves something.
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    Thank you for posting this! It sounds like a wonderful approach to all kinds of issues.

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