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Thread: Steroid use for incompletes

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    Steroid use for incompletes

    I'm 58 yrs old,c-4/5 central cord,incomplete.I have started weekly testostrone inj.This is the 3rd week.I'M 6 yrs. out and had theraphy for 3 yrs.I had given up after that and stopped exer.My muscles had deteriated and my walking turned into a wobble.I'm exerc. again and have gained alot of strenght already.Is anyone else using steroids for recovery?

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    Are you talking about just testosterone? Was your level low?

    Yes, many guys with SCI discover their testosterone is low after injury and supplement with testosterone. My Dad was on testosterone before his injury and continues it afterwards.

    Keep going with the exercise. It is easy to start slipping, and as you can see, the results can be quick and dramatic. And yes, testosterone might help.

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