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    For everyone who has helped me through this journey I thank you! My stepson is almost 10 weeks post accident. He is doing really well. He has much movement in his left leg and some in his right. Wondering if it's normal for the second leg to follow more slowly? I know everyone is different. I wish I could post the vid of this week, he is on treadmill, moving one leg on his own while the pt moves the other for him. He is doing his own bladder/bowel maintenance which we are very proud of, as he's just 19 and it's of course a bit awkward/embarrassing. He's doing a great job! Also wondering about the return of bowel/bladder function. If anyone has any thoughts, is this usually late to return? I hope that as time goes by this will return to some semblance of normalcy. All in all, everyone is super impressed at rehab of his progress and we are too. Sorry not to have posted in so long! Hugs to all, Jodi

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    Great News, Jodi!!!! That's so wonderful. And, yes, I do think it's pretty normal for one side to be slower to recover than the other. J tends to get things back on the right side a few weeks before the left. I don't know much about bowel and bladder return, though I do think, in terms of the spinal cord, the area of the cord responsible for b&b is pretty low. My husband still needs to use a catheter and do a bowel program every day, but, he does know pretty accurately when he has to go. We're happy with that.

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    If he's doing that wel after only 10 weeks that's great. Most Dr's have told me that in the first 2 yrs there can be no return or that everything returns.

    That he's showing this much improvement so soon (I know it feels like forever) is a good sign.

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    Thank you, will keep you posted as we go!

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