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Thread: just received used Quicki R2

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    just received used Quicki R2

    We were fortunate to have a friend that just bought a new wheelchair and he is as tall as my son 6'2". The chair was a good fit as far as we could tell and Aaron helped get Ezra set up.
    The chair does need a few updates such as the back is torn. He told Ezra to get a guard by the wheels so his clothes, jacket etc do not get caught in the wheels.
    Very thankful for Aaron thinking of Ezra. Looking on line there are many places to get replacement parts. Does anyone have a good website that is dependable? Thank you for your help.

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    I don't about Quickie parts but at sportaid I could get TiLite parts that aren't listed on the website by calling them (I usually had the part number from the TiLite website). They could get anything TiLite made. Probably could do the same for quickie...

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    what do the side gaurds look like for that chair? I have some made for a colours chair with the brackets. I used them on a quickie one time. sometimes buying used or ebay helps. also you need a back? whats the dementions of the chair? maybe someone here might have what you need!

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    If sportaid can get the parts they probably have the best prices.

    Straight from quickie parts:

    I agree with Ryan, give the back dimensions and look outside of buying a new back. You might be able to find a used higher quality back for a better price than new basic upholstery.
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    Thanks.. I will measure the back. Across and length wise? It has some straps under the back lip to tighten or losen the back support is my guess.
    The guards he was looking for were to go by the side as his clothes get caught in the wheel spokes. We are really new at this.
    I also work with a lady that her husband has SCI and uses a wheelchair. I will call her too as they may have some ideas for us.

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    can you tke pics of the chair measure side to side for back rest size! seat would be measure sided to side and back to front.

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