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Thread: Lumex Raised Toilet Seat For Sale Brand New

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    Lumex Raised Toilet Seat For Sale Brand New

    My wife thought that buying this toilet seat would save room in the bathroom, but it will not work on my toilet. Also I need on the sits on the floor not on the top of the toilet. So its never been used and I would like to sale it. $70.00 with free shipping. Thanks.
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    If someone wants this toilet seat....make me an offer and I will consider it.
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    does this seat allow you to stim from the right side? if so, what is the clearance between the raised seat and the toilet?

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    oh can i see a picture of it? do you have model number?

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    This is what the seat looks like. It will work from both sides and the front. It has adjustable hights.
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    If you don't mind me asking, why won't it work on your toilet? I thought these were made to work on any toilet? I am looking for something to use when traveling and thought this might work. But, it concerns me that it wouldn't work on your toilet. Obviously when traveling, I'll need to be sure it will work on any toilet I come across.

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    It fit my toilet pretty good, but the back brackets didn't go on too well as the toilet seemed wider on the back. Also I do digital stimulation for my program and I just didn't like the way I felt when leaning over on it, so I just took it off without using it. Maybe it was just my personal preference as I just didn't feel as stable on it as on my Activeaid 101. I'm sure it's a great toilet seat, just not for me.
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