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Thread: wheelchair accessible bathroom sink

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    Real thing

    Here's the actual set up in my shower room follow the ADAAG figure above. That is a standard Kraftmaid mirror cabinet. That's a Duravit sink with a siphon cover below it covering all the pipes.

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    I forgot to mention that my faucet has a pull out that allows you to wash your hair in the sink. (page 2 post 15)

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    I had a similar problem after getting a new chair. My sink was bolted to the wall, so I ended up having it removed, put some 2x6s spacers between it and the wall and then rehung using long bolts. I had the wood covered with white tiles to match the rest.

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    Hey titanium4....lovely bathroom! That is just dripping with that tiling.

    Yeah that drawing you have there is very informative, out here we have the Australian standards, they have some good drawings like that, pity some builders and designers still get stuff like this wrong.
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    You can have them build a counter around your sink, set it off the wall a little, that way you can keep your crap around behind it.
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    re: Delta faucet. We have the touch on/off version in the kitchen, I freaking love it. Our sink is at a 45 degree angle in a corner, with cabinets on one side and dishwasher on the other, so it is a bit of a bitch for me to get in tight. It's a small kitchen and not enough cabinets to be able to give up underneath sink storage so this faucet is great, instead of having to reach way over the sink to reach handle, I just touch the faucet itself to turn on/off. You leave the handle set at how much and how warm you want water, and just tap from there. The pullout section doesn't do it so you can use it freely and you can also grab the faucet to move it w/o it coming on.

    One thing, it uses 4 or 6(I forget right now) D cell batteries to function, so you need a spot to hide the batt pack if you were to mount this in bathroom. It is also a big faucet, so unless they make many models now, not sure how it would work in bath sink.
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    thanks for the input guys… I actually had a guy come over today and he took out the whole entire sink and counter, went to Home Depot and came back with another counselor and a shorter deeper sink. He then cut the hole for where the sink goes, but put it real close to the end of the counter, and then installed the new touch/sensor sensitive faucet from Delta. Now I don't even come close to having my feet hit the wall, and having to just touch the faucet or put my hand near it (within 4 inches) it turns on. I really like it and I'll have to take a picture tomorrow and upload it, but I have so much clearance underneath (so much my joystick and armrests fit underneath it) it, my feet don't hit the wall, and it's super easy to work. Couldn't be more happy with the results

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    Sorry for the huge link. We had these put in to our new retirement condo. We plan on aging in place here so both nice and has to work for me (C6-7). We had both placed a bit more forward than most so once the faucets were added framed mirrors would fit just off the vanity top. I loved our pull out Delta faucet in our last house but now only American Standard makes these. For those with hand grip the pull out allows for a quick shampoo when a shower isn't really needed. Unlike a kitchen version these, we got the spaced handles, have a pull up to close off the sink drain for hand washing things or flushing out bags and the like. Kohler bathroom fixtures are very competitive here because the factory is about 2 hours away. The Delta pull out faucet I had before is still going strong and the AS also has a heavy duty nylon pliable hose so it looks like it will be worth the extra cash too. Our plumber was working with a new wall we added so a wall mount was easy to plan for and there is very little seen below the surround. We had semi-custom cabinets made that all clear the floor for easy cleaning. Mine are to the left of the vanity and I had room next to my left leg when pulled under the sink to add a towel ring for my hand towel. We needed fewer cabinets in the renovated bath so Plato cabinetry to our needs were very comparible price-wise to Kraftmaid. We had Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets in our last kitchen and loved them but couldn't find what we wanted this time around in the bath. I also like that almost everything except the faucets and tiling are made in the USA.
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    This is the sink I use and i could not imagine any other sink working better for me.

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