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Thread: Information about the ISCoS meeting in Beijing in November

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    Information about the ISCoS meeting in Beijing in November

    Important Announcement

    The WHO announced its lift of SARS related travel advisory for Beijing on 25th June, 2003. Now, we should put all rumours behind and move forward with confidence to prepare for the 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Spinal Cord Society in Beijing as planned.

    A. For scientific delegates
    The quantity and quality of the abstracts submitted for the scientific program are among the best in the history of ISCoS (formerly IMSoP). There are some important special features. They include the following.

    1. Neuro-urology.
    a. A long session for thorough discussion on various established methods of bladder management is organised at the workshop. Such diversity of methods is unprecedented. This will allow the delegates to have an overall picture of the pros and cons of these methods. Seven speakers are invited to speak. They are all top experts of the methods.
    b. Another long session on new methods yet to be fully established at the official program. This includes Prof Craggs' lecture on neuromodulation and Prof Xiao's lecture on his innovative treatment of neurogenic bladder and bowel based on an artificial somatic-CNS-autonomic reflex pathway for controllable micturition and defecation. There are also many other recently developed methods.
    2. Spinal cord regeneration or repair. It has never been so heavily presented at IMSoP meetings. For the first time, it is moving towards clinical perspectives.
    a. Prof Elleway representing the International Spinal Research Trust (ISRT, UK) are delivering a speech on "Towards improved neurological and functional assessments of recovery in spinal cord injury: a Clinical Initiative" and Prof Steeves representing the International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries (ICORD, Canada) on "Temporary suppression of CNS myelin surrounding the site of a CNS injury facilitates functional repair".
    b. Dr Huang, a Chinese neurosurgeon is presenting his world's first large series of olfactory ensheathing cell transplantation on human beings with successful results. B Dr Perrouin-Verbie and her team from France also report partial return of motor function in the paralysed legs after surgical bypass of the lesion site.
    3. The international clinical data set. For the first time, there is a keynote speech delivered by Dr F Biering-Sorenson, Chairman of the ISCoS Scientific Committee on the issue at the plenary session. It is to call for as many as institutions to join the international network to share SCI information.
    4. The Prevention Panel. A new classification of traumatic spinal cord injury combining social environment and mechanical mechanism may be presented at the panel for discussion.
    5. The organisation of SCI services. This topic is really unique at this meeting. I do not need to explain what an achievement it was that with an initial investment of only USD 10, 000 a paraplegic centre was established to serve a general population of 3.0 millions and an SCI population of 10, 000. Within 20 years, it has brought the death rate 3 years post injury from 30.4% to 8.8%. Moreover, both epidemiology and long-term follow-ups of SCI are reported from various institutions.
    6. Tuberculosis of the spine. The knowledge and skills of the three most experienced countries of the disease: China, India and Korea, are comprehensively represented from diagnosis to treatment. This is a golden opportunity should not be missed.
    7. Omentum transposition. The Chinese neurosurgeon and his team who have done more than 3000 such operations are presenting their results and argue their success.
    8. Surgical treatment of spondylo-myelopathy and spondylo-radiculopathy. The team of Chinese orthopaedic surgeons who have done 6,000 such operations are presenting their results. I worked in the department for many years. They have long-term co-operation with Yale University and their work is highly appreciated by the latter.
    9. Spine mobility. Normally spine surgeons talk about stability. The spine surgery session of the workshop is concentrating on achieving maximum mobility without compromising stability.
    10. Free papers. These papers cover a big variety of topics and are well divided into standardising method of measuring physical outcome, psychosocial outcome, complications, metabolism, alternative medicine etc. For the first time, a unique work comparing western and oriental cultures is to present some very interesting differences between them.

    This is really a scientific program that is more than interesting. It is intriguing! Don't miss it!

    B. For industries and businesses
    We fully understand that the normal reaction to a disaster like SARS outbreak is retreat. However, industries and businesses with vision see it just the other way around. More and more industries, businesses, investors and financial consultants realise this is a golden opportunity to boost their businesses with unprecedented intensity and speed once the SARS is over.

    SARS has radically changed hygiene and health consciousness and habits in China. People and authorities put them before budget. They want to reach hygiene and health standards at any cost, including borrowing money. If a restaurant is not good enough, there is no need for government to order it to close down. The customers will just refuse to go there. They will force the restaurant out of the business and very soon indeed. This is already happening in China. People are mad buying hygiene and health products and directly or indirectly related, not necessarily SARS related products. Therefore, the market is huge. That is why private car sales are soaring. Even I, who has nothing to do with business, am forced to help introduce some products into China at strong requests and demands. So many medical professionals and health institutions want to buy new products. It is really very unfortunate that some industries and businesses are still indecisive or moving slowly forward towards China's market and the exhibition of the 42nd ISCoS Meeting.

    Come to China sooner rather than later in your own interest! See you in Beijing!

    Professor Dajue Wang
    Representative of Local Organising Committee
    42nd ISCoS Meeting, Beijing 2003
    Web address for meeting information

    Draft program of the meeting is attached:

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    This should be awsome. If any of you have the ear of someone in the states, you should start asking and urging them to go. Gosh if TIRR, CRAIG suppose even MP sent someone, what a differance it could make.

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    if i could go i'd be sitting in my chair holding a sign "Willing to die just to have a procedure that may give me back my life!!!"

    Please get us out of this mess!

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    Dr. Young,
    I do not see a date given for this. Are you going to attend? Many of us do not have the scientific knowledge to absorb something of this magnitude, but would love to get your summary, and opinions.

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    October 15-18, 2003 42nd ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting
    Information about event ... Beijing,

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    I asked Dr.Laurance S. Johnston(he writes for magazines involving physical disability and alternative medicine)if he was going to attend the ISCoS meeting. He said that he was invited to attend it but right now he doesn't have the travel funds. Otherwise, he'd probably write up a summary of the meeting.

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    so Dr. Young where are we in terms of treatment? for chronics....or is it too late

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    I spoke with Dr. William Donovan at TIRR on my last appointment last week, and he is planning to attend and he has assured me he will try to meet and at the very least attend a Dr.Huang's presentation. Amazingly, I also found out thatDr.Donovan is the current president of ISCoS.

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    i hope dr donovan get a new attitude from this trip.

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    Dr. Young, I saw your post in another thread and assume you are attending this conference?


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