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Thread: Outrageous Cost of Cystoscopy

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    I don't know if the costs here in Canada are lower, but I wish we did know. I think it would help people appreciate the system if we got a 'bill' for every use of the system - saying PAID IN FULL BY OUR TAX DOLLARS.
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    I have Health New England as a retired state employee. I went to see Urologist and paid my $20 co-pay. I asked what tier the doctor was and the receptionist had no clue (this makes more billing issues for the hospital if the correct co-pay is not paid up front) The copay was $60! So I was billed (waste of paper) for $40 more dollars. Urologist recommends ultrasound, which I know is going to show nothing, because they never really do and usually want a CT scan, then onto the MRI, etc to get all the money they can out of the patient's insurance. I had microscopic blood in urine. I return days later to hospital for ultrasound and am told to go to Urologist office after they are finished. I sit in seat, and Urologists tells me the ultrasound showed nothing, so now he wants to do a cystoscopy and to go in his secretary's office to make an appointment for procedure. Really, his secretary could have called me with that information. I did not need to sit in his office for 30 seconds so they can bill me another $60 co-pay just to tell me that. This to me is a crock of crap, plain and simple. Now I had the cystoscopy a week later. Just waiting for probably a $350 bill for the deductible now. So I will have paid $60+$60 (for 30 seconds) + $350. So being a former Mass state employee of 31 years, with what one would think is decent insurance..... I'm paying $470 in total when nothing is even wrong with me. This is absolutely insane. He found nothing, my bladder is just fine!!! All this for nothing!

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