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Thread: need help with pricing out a chair

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    need help with pricing out a chair

    ok here's the deal I am gonna be selling my quickie GT. and need help with pricing it out to sell. can someone help me with this? my dme always orders crap in big! this chair is a couple years old. I guess specs would be good. front height 19 rear is adjustable from 14 to 19. lighted casters intergrated push handles, x-core rims. arm rests, side gaurds.adjustable food plate, tention adjustable back upsoltery. black opal in colour. tires will have to be replaced as they are kik and abit woren. please ask away I am sure I am missing something

    seat size is 16 x 16.

    should I try a private sale or ebay?
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    Yes, the most important thing is the size:16Wx18Deep, standard or long frame, followed by back height etc. If you take your serial number and put it into the Sunrise medical website, you should be able to get all the specs, as originally ordered on it. Also, the seat size is on a tag underneath the seat sling. Good Luck!!


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    how much are you asking? and put up some pictures.

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    i posted in the forsale forum

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