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Thread: Elevating foot rest?

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    Elevating foot rest?

    A friend broke his femur, and is going to have to use a different chair for awhile so he can elevate hs leg. Are there other options beyond 50# hospital chairs?

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    What kind of a chair does he use? Years ago, I broke both bones in my lower leg. I was using a rigid Quickie (circa 1983). I was able to get a manual elevating footrest that replaced the regular footrest at the hangers. Call your regular durable medical equipment supplier and/or look on line for an elevating footrest that works on his particular chair.

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    I'm not sure what type of chair he uses (I think it's a folding quickie), but I'll mention this and see if he can ask a dme provider. Thanks!

    We live in different cities, so I want to help any way I can!

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