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Thread: Foley install

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    Foley install

    I am not able to put in my own Foley. I know RNs can put them in - who else can?


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    Anyone trained to do it. Your urologist, his physician assistant, nurse, or medical tech may be able to instruct the caregiver you have to change the foley for you. Some areas have home health nurses who will come out to your home and train your caregiver.

    It is a simple skill to learn, but your caregiver should get good instruction.

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    Insurance wise I think only Docs,LPN ,RN but if you have a friend or aide they can be trained easilly.I;ve done my own ,but with limited hand it;s a pain .

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    I thought it was considered an "invasive procedure" and only an RN, LPN, or MD could do it. At least that is what we have here in Massachusetts.
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    Once a family member or caregiver is trained (usually through a home care agency or a physicians staff), they can perform catheterization.


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    Your profile does not show your level of injury. I am a T4 and put in foleys all the time without a problem. It should be a cleaner process than IC, and you have to follow procedure to make sure that the foley is fully inserted and flowing before inflating balloon, but it is really not a big deal if you have use of your hands. If not, it can be a lot more complicated.
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    You can have any family member, PCA, or yourself properly trained to do this. It is a sterile procedure, so more complex than a straight catheterization.

    In most states, agency staff and hospitals are not allowed to assign this type of procedure to non-licensed staff such as CNAs or HHAs, but privately you can pick whomever you choose to do it in your stead.


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