what was your seat depth? Looks like your legs are too long? but then again a lot of people do that on purpose (like me) so we have better turning space and take up smaller footprint..i have a 15 depth made to 16 with a strap and I should be a 18 according to my dme guy..but geez--how would I ever get my chair in tight spaces?

I think I will get a 17 inch seat depth on next chair for home and local as I do need more support under legs..then for travel..take the 15.

Yesterday some woman told me at whole foods that I looked like I was temporarily in my chair as it was not "blinged out", like she has seen most people in...mine is titanium..and light..with spinergy wheels..oh well. She kept saying ..wow you look great..(for someone permanetly in a wc) like she really was surprised that I have been in it so long.

Maybe I will get colored spokes like yours next one )