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Thread: Icon Wheelchair and Insurance?

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    Icon Wheelchair and Insurance?

    I did a search and couldn't find out.

    Anybody have any success getting insurance to pay for an Icon?
    Medicare? Private ins?

    I'm a couple years out from my next chair, but it'd be nice to be able to get one. Jeff and Christian do amazing stuff.

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    Well, the first hurdle is for the Icon to get re-coded as a K9 chair. Once that happens, you will need to find a dealer that is whiling to work with you and the ABN process. Then you can get medicare/private insurance to pay the K5 allowable price of $1850 then you pay the difference.

    If the chair stays coded K5, then it will be all but impossible to get it funded through medicare or private insurance. (Dealer cost for the Icon is greater then what they pay)

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    You keep your grades up, work hard and do everything necessary to not only graduate but to excel in your future profession and I will make sure you get an Icon, even if I have to give you mine.... Seriously...

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