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Thread: my new wheels! with pics.. new wrapped pics

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    my new wheels! with pics.. new wrapped pics

    after every bodies help on here 2 weeks ago. My new round betty dinos with schwalbe marathon plus tires came today. Handling them side by side with my spinergy wire wheels I can definitely tell a weight difference. So far I've only wheeled around the house but love them already. Tomorrow I need my brother to wrap the hand rims with surgical tubing so I can grip them. The pictures dont do it justice. In person the anodized red spokes just shine!! I also recently removed my anti tippers. My next mod will be frog leg unitines with red aluminum hub soft rolls.

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    Dang my eyes must really suck cuz I could have sworn your spokes were black like mine. I bought some bicycle handlebar grip tape that I'm going to wrap around the tabs on the rim. When you wrap your rims post a pic so we can get an idea what it looks like. Nice wheels.

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    Congrats on your new wheels They look great!!
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    ahh yes, the pride of riding sans tippers. I remember the day vividly. That's the beauty of a ZRa - you can dial in your COG and never look back. Consider this a quad rite of passage.

    ..and I find it real strange that 3 sets of locally-owned Dino's creak horribly yet no one on here has a problem with them...? Must be the updated spokes.

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    Very nice!!

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    Very nice pictures! Have fun with your new wheels Wills77.

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    Nice. Im going to work on my q7 and we all have to polish and shine for a chair-cade.

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    I have a set of Black on Black and really like them> Erick at Round Betty is outstanding as are his wheels.

    If they creak really bad Tooley, they should contact Round Betty to see if anything can be done. They have outstanding customer service; hope that doesn't change as they get more successful. We all know how Invacare, Spinergy, Top end, Tilite etc. customer service got worse as they got bigger. Invacare and Top End got so bad, I refuse to even consider their chairs anymore.

    Hats off to Round Betty with a gentle bow and sweep of the arm.

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    Nice dude. I have been thinking about a black chair with red wheels for a while. Looks great.

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    u sit well in it

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