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Thread: Wanted: Force-r handcycle

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    Wanted: Force-r handcycle

    Hello All,

    I currently ride an old 1999 Freedom Ryder, which has been nothing but good to me throughout the years. I've been racing in marathons and want to step up my competition level. I commited to riding in the "MS 150" on April 21-22. Basically, it's a 75 mile ride from Miami to Key Largo on Saturday, and 75 miles back on Sunday. I tried last year with my Freedom Ryder, but was only able to finish day 1 (75 miles). This year, with or without the FORCE-R, I plan on finishing day 1 AND day 2... It'll just be MUCH easier with the FORCE-R..
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    Me too!

    I'm looking for one as well.

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