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Thread: easy transfer foldaway car seat by access unlimited

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    easy transfer foldaway car seat by access unlimited

    Hi there,
    Has anyone ever heard or tried this tranfer device?
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    Hi just found this link after an afternoon's googling session.

    I'm looking for a new car myself, but with car sills getting wider and wider due to side impact safety features, I'm finding it impossible to get into them. The gap from w/chair to car seat is akin to the grand canyon!

    My current car sill is about 6" wide, and I can jump in and out with no problems and without a sliding board. All of the new ones I'm looking at are around 9", plus the seats are placed further in these days.

    Like the OP asks, anyone here on CareCure have experience of using this product?

    It really does look like the answer to the problem of wide car sills.

    Anyone have an idea of the price of these? There's nothing on the website, but I have emailed them today.

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    Hi brython2,

    Did you ever get an answer from them about the price for this?

    Quote Originally Posted by brython2 View Post
    Anyone have an idea of the price of these? There's nothing on the website, but I have emailed them today.
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    When I first got my license after my accident, I thought I would need something like this so I called them and got a quote on an 09 mazda6. They wanted $1800 installed. Transferring can be intimidating at first but once you figured out a technique all cars are the same. I own and drive an infiniti i35. The gap on the i35 is narrower than on the mazda6. However, with a little adjustment on the positioning of the chair getting in and out of the mazda6 is no problem.
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    Still no tries on this?

    We took my son for his first car transfer/outing today and it was a bit rough. We used our Subaru Baja --we've also got a Prius, but the Bajas doors open wider.

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