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Thread: Modified push brake setup

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    Modified push brake setup

    Breaks have been kicking my ass for awhile. Since going to a rigid from folding six years ago.

    Tried ADI. Awesome concept. One side is always a little tighter than the other. Ridiculous bounce forward and backwards while locked. It's a nightmare on public transit. You become married to tilite.

    I'd still highly recommend it to anyone with open eyes about the drawbacks. Account for the problems and it's pretty cool. Speed braking alone makes it worth considering if you can live with or work around the drawbacks as I see them.

    I wanted to bring them with me for my Top End chair. It wasn't going to happen. Too many nontrivial changes would occur after installation.

    Decided I would try sure lock. Jack is a nice guy and came up with a genius design. I would give up speed breaking and, in many circumstances, toss my fate to the heavens but I can live with that to get a solid lock and get them out of my way. Unfortunately…

    Been waiting eight weeks now. It's really challenging to keep my patience on this when my hands get smashed on a regular basis.

    So… Like a monkey at the shore break eating sandy potatoes, I wondered why I seldom smashed my hands with my quickie 2 HP. I never had a problem with push to lock brakes which would inspire me to spend upwards of $800 on brakes. What the hell changed?

    Blinded by the light of the obvious… The brakes on the quickie were lower because it was a folder.

    Wish I was blinded like this a long time ago.

    Anyway, the attachment is the result of my reflection on my brakes situation.

    The orange tube represents my current wheelchair.

    The unpolished metal tube represents what I can pick up from to create a point from lowering the brakes.

    The black clamp represents the Top End brake clamp. Notice the outside part has a smaller diameter (¾ inch I believe) than the part that attaches to the wheelchair. I have four of these in my possession.

    What I don't have of the two clamps which have a 1 inch diameter on both sides. I need four of these.

    Where would I go to get clamps like the unpolished metal pair in my drawing.

    Also, do you have a better idea? If my idea is overkill or outright sucks, let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radio_buddha View Post
    Blinded by the light of the obvious… The brakes on the quickie were lower because it was a folder.

    Wish I was blinded like this a long time ago.
    Just to make sure, I'm assuming the lower frame rail wouldn't work?

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    It's ironic, but Jack could make these custom clamps for you. (I know, it's just the time involved to get it done.)

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    SCI-OTR: On the Terminator, after the COG section of the lower frame rail, it bends off toward the caster. It's too low at the point where it might work on a TR.

    Stephen: Yes, it's ironic. I have a problem that could be solved by a guy who knows how to fabricate a solution. Now I have two problems. :-)

    This surelocks situation is making me crazy.

    Maybe I should just ask him for the clamps and use this design while he works on the OEM style unit he has for me.

    That would definitely hold me over.

    To clarify: you're saying I probably have to have these clamps made? I might be able to do it locally. It would be nicer to just go to Home Depot. :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by radio_buddha View Post
    To clarify: you're saying I probably have to have these clamps made? I might be able to do it locally. It would be nicer to just go to Home Depot. :-(
    Jack fabricates aluminum parts. Virtually everything he makes is an original design or custom adaptation of an existing part. Unlike you, I don't have the facility (or at least the skill) to draw illustrations, so my suggestions to Jack have always been verbal and he takes it from there. But with a drawing you can eliminate much of the verbiage that gunks up the translation process.

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    It's even more ironic that your problem has actually been "solved" by the very company that manufactures your chair. This was the OEM setup on two Terminators I've ordered...

    Attachment 43806

    Maybe you could pester Top End to provide you with the necessary parts to duplicate this "factory" look. I'm sure they would prefer that to having one of the chairs rolling around with some improvised solution consisting of a random assortment of parts (or at least somebody else's random assortment of parts).
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    every terminator ive seen has had scissor locks on the lower frame bar - cant you do that with push brakes? on my tr, i have some set up that way and they are as good or better than the ds locks i had before i installed my wijits. and thats regardless of tyre pressure - i think its to do with the angle of attack of the brake bar, pushing sideways and up on the tyre when locked, rather than simply down.

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    @SCI-OTR: Thanks for the picture of what has already been done. I have remade my drawing. If I can get a 1 inch tube with the screws already placed for the brakes, that would work. Asking TE… I'm sure they will want a lot of money for it. I expect I'll be doing that part of my own.

    @Amy: I'm going to give it a shot this weekend before planning spending any money or drilling.

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    they should try this with some quickies.

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    Update: Just spoke to Top End.

    They have 3/4 to 3/4 clamps. $15.00 each. I ordered two. Will probably get them on Monday as Tampa is only 2 hours away.

    So it looks like the drawing in post number eight will become reality sometime next week.

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