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Thread: Need help in buying a new Active chair - C5 Quad

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    @Wills77: Your hip to knee seems longer than 19" to me. I saw the new tires thread, you are well seated in your chair. BTW, betty's look great!

    @Lin: I too read around that Natural Fits are difficult for quads. It actually depends on how much wrist and hand function you have. Foam, on the other hand has received many good reviews, and so have PushBlax (although I find them costly).
    I read about the solution Wills77 is using on his rims and it looks good.If anyone has an article/link which can guide me on how to install foam on my handrims, it would be of great help, as q-grip and pushblax are costly and out of my budget, atleast for now.

    Today I did some measurements on my current chair regarding footrests. Turns out, my Front SeatToFloor + cushion height is 20" and the legs touch ground(in a sagged manner, i.e. pulled downwards more than usual) if I'm wearing shoes(1" heel).
    considering this, 16" STFootrest height would be apt for me, as I would be able to extend it to 17-18" if needed.

    @t8burst: Thanks for the info. I think I should lower the footrest width as well.

    I have narrowed down almost all measurements, received quote from Bike-on and Sportaid, and will most probably finalize by Monday. Will post a full spec list once i'm about to order.

    Thinking of visiting the only rehab center we have here to try out an active chair. (not Ti's or quickie's, it's some unknown brand, the only one I saw there)

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    Here's a post by Wills about some cheap handrim mods:
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    I have not had time to read all the posts here, but we are similar in size, 6'2", 175, although not age.

    I have the fourth post in this thread There is also a link under my picture there with some discussion of my purchase process.
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    @Lin: Thanks! I'm not sure if vetwrap is provides good friction. will ask in that thread.

    @Brianm: I've already checked that thread thoroughly and yes I did notice that our chair's will have almost identical sizes. You look very well seated 'in' your chair as t8burst said.

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    cD, sorry I never measured my footrest adjustment range. It has occurred to me that so many variables exist, it's hard to make direct comparisons among chairs with different specs. For example, my chair is set up for 6"" casters, so the caster mounts are high. And I have a standard front end with a 3.5"" taper which yields a specific length of vertical footrest down tubes.

    I ordered what I thought was right, and I've since shortened them as far as they'll go. Next time I'll order it short and plan to lengthen it a bit, which is consistent with a post by SCI_OTR, which I can't find right now.
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