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Thread: Need help in buying a new Active chair - C5 Quad

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    Exclamation Need help in buying a new Active chair - C5 Quad

    Hi Guys!
    I'm on a quest to build and buy my first active wheelchair and get rid of the "heavy" folding chair assigned to me in rehab where I was indoctrinated with the fact that active wheelchairs ain't safe/apt for Quads. 3.5 years post injury, I find all sorts of quads handling their rigid ultralightweight chairs pretty well on YouTube/forums and realize I too deserve something which can be propelled easily enough so even I can go out without the embarassing/helpless feeling of who's gonna push me.

    I'm from outside US and will be making the purchase online myself, most likely Sportaid or Bike-On since DME is not an option here.
    More than a month of research and curiosity has helped me grasp a basic understanding of the terminology, brands, and similar stuff. But then, "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing".

    My Current(first) Chair:
    Been using Otto Bock Start M2 Effect since after my injury.
    Seat width: 17"
    Weight: 39.6lbs

    My Physique:
    I'm 21 yrs old, 6'2" tall and weigh around 175lbs. Specific measurements(skipped B & C ):

    My Disabilty:
    I'm a C5 complete quad, have no legs functions and partial hand functions (no finger grasp)
    Biceps: Grade 5/5 both arms.
    Triceps: Grade 1(left) / Grade 2(right).
    Shoulders: 3/5 overall in both arms (right stronger though)
    Wrist-extensors: 5/5 in both arms
    Wrist-flexors: 0(left) / 1(right).
    Fingers: 0 both arms
    I have some trunk balance and can sit unsupported on bed and wheelchair. alhough I tend to fall forward if sitting at 90 degree as my wheelchair has no bucket. My right hand is stronger which is why the current chair tends to keep going left. I can transfer with the help of board with someone holding the chair and me (if I fall forward).

    What I'm looking for:
    An aluminum wheelchair(coz titanium is costly?) which adequately suits my body and ability, makes propelling a breeze and enables me to climb atleast the little curbs with wheelies. A chair in which I can sit for long hours (6-8) without feeling uneasy and tired. Not sure if these are too much to ask :/

    Budget: $1700 excluding shipping to my country.
    Shortlisted chair: TiLite Aero Z (Series 2) - $1550 base config.

    Where I need help:
    You guys have much better experience with chairs and measurements and I was hoping if you could give me a better insight on some measurements such as Seat Depth, Front Frame angle, Back angle, Bucket etc.

    Following are the chair options I think will be suitable for me, along with comments: (Order form: )

    Frame: Full Adjustability
    Rear Seat Width: 17"
    Front Seat Width: NO Taper
    Seat Depth: 18" - worried if it should be more/less for my 21" hip to knee length, comments?

    Front Seat Height: 19.5"
    Seat to Footrest: 17" - My knee to foot length is 18" and I'll be using a Roho High profile cushion which is 4" when i'm not seated on it. Should these 2 options be lowered further, considering the cushion, and shoes height? If not, these can still be adjusted a few inches once I get the chair right?

    Rear Seat Height: 16" (Gives a bucket of 3.5")
    Front Frame angle: 85 degrees - What other factors should determine this apart from overall chair length?

    Footrest Width: 14.5"
    Footplate : Angle adjustable 13.5"

    Seat Back Type: Locks when folded - Aluminum release bars
    Push handle: Bolt-On Push Handle (+$175)
    Seat Back Height: 14.5"-19" - set at 16"
    Any other use of 4" Deep Rigidizer bar other than space for solid backs ?
    Seat Back Angle: 95 degree - will I be able to change it to 90 on my own?
    COG: 1.25" (will re-scale after trying if necessary)
    Camber: 2 or 4 - need the chair to be less than 24"
    Casters: 5" x 1 but which one? Plastic wheel w/ Poly, or Performance 5 spoke Aluminum?
    Front Forks: TiLite standards

    Rear Wheels: 24" TiLite Shadow (Spinergy goes to my wishlist) - Someone told me I should go for 26" since i'm tall. Is it correct?
    Rear Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evo
    Handrims: Silver Anodized Long Tabs - will fit Foam myself ( I read a thread about it)

    Wheel Locks: Composite Push to Lock
    Side Guard: Aluminum Quad removable (+$185)
    Black Aluminum Anti-Tippers (+$135)

    Total comes around $2000, so I'll probably use integrated push handles and no side guards.

    Also, can anyone tell me what will be the weight of above config? basically how heavy are Ti Shadow wheels?

    Damn! this has gone too long. Forgive me for such a long thread, but there are so many questions in my mind and I'm very skeptical since it's a BIG investment for me(that's all the money I could save). Please let me know if i'm missing something/suggestions.

    Thanks a lot, i'm eternally grateful for all your inputs!
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