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Thread: SCI myths for Book to Promote Cure

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    SCI myths for Book to Promote Cure

    An additional section in the book deals with the myths around SCI. The examples I have so far are:

    All SCIs got huge financial settlements --
    There is no pain associated with a SCI person
    SCI people have special privileges
    SCI people don't have to work, etc.

    If you can think of other myths please let me know.



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    All SCIs are asexual/lack sexual desire


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    not determined enough to walk

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    Every injury at a specific level has identical results.

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    Some people who beat paralysis think that others unfortunate sci just have no will & did not work hard to get up and walk...

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    Two words: faith healing.

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    I was told that I would be the same person - I would just get around differently. Some nurse also told me that most people in wheelchairs were happier than they were before they were put in a wheelchair. Puh-lease.

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    People see a person in a wheelchair, and they just think the legs are all that doesn't work anymore. Also, most people think if you're a paraplegic you're paralyzed from the waist down, and if you're a quadriplegic, you're paralyzed from the neck down. It will soon be 2 years since my husband's accident. Most strangers look the other way, but children are curious. We had one little girl, she was probably 10 or 11, ask what happened. My husband explained to her that he was in an automobile accident and his neck was broken. She asked how long ago it happened. I wish that more people cared, the way this little girl did, and I wish they would teach about SCI in health class in school to educate the public.

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    Lots of SCI guys are extremely manly and sexy and have an improved sense of themselves and how to please a woman....

    oh wait....Thats really true!!!! Never mind!!!

    hee hee

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    I was told by a top doctor that "paraplegics are happy people"

    I didn't know how to reply. I have never understood what he meant or what evidence he based it on.

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