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  • 50% or greater chance of fatality

    24 36.92%
  • 25-50% chance of fatality

    10 15.38%
  • 10-25% chance of fatality

    6 9.23%
  • less than 10% chance of fatality

    19 29.23%
  • I wouldn't risk at all / I am fine where I am

    6 9.23%
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Thread: "acceptable risk"

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    DanP I couldnt have said it better myself...about Bush and his daughter's.

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    I will include it in the book. It's been so strange lately. I feel like I am personally responsible to get us out of our chairs. I think it's my empathy kicking in as I edit people's personal stories. I just hope this book will touch people's hearts enough that they will open up their pocket books.


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    I wouldn't risk it at all. If I didn't have a young kid to raise though, I'd probably take the 10% chance one. If I wasn't as independent as I am, it would probably be much higher.

    33 year old T4/5 complete
    25 years post

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    being a c5 i'd take a 75% chance of failure...jay

    Please get us out of this mess!

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    I'd much sooner take a very high chance of "it won't work" over "it may kill you". Fortunately, that is the reality with virtually every experimental surgery out there now.

    This is especially true for me now that I am a new parent. IF I was all alone, I would be far more likely to accept high fatality odds.

    Getting old I guess.

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    I'm sure there is some direct correlation between the high-risk takers and their levels of injuries. No heavy guesstimations on this, unless those members argue me wrong here.
    I as a C4, albiet a husband and father, I would still prefer to have my loved ones remember me as someone unafraid to help himself. Yet, I'd be a liar if I claimed not to be afraid of death. As a high quad suffering chronic and severe neuro pain I have to believe that death hurts less. Ultimately, with all of the ills I must now face being in my new condition I must be dying a slow death anyway. I'd much rather have my loved ones remember as the strong, active, and attractive man that I was, as opposed to the mess I currently resemble.
    Just my view...

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    Life is a heavy as a moutain; death is as light as a feather.

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    50% in a minute.WR

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    give me a 5% chance of living...jay

    Please get us out of this mess!

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    Interesting results thus far...

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