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Thread: How did you find your Doctor?

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    How did you find your Doctor?

    I am living back in CA and need to find a doctor to basically stick with forever. I want a primary doctor, that has experience with SCI patients. My question is, how did you guys find your Doctors? just primary?
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    If there are any spinal cord injury organizations in your area, get in touch and ask members who they use.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    I think at minimum, you need a good primary care doctor, physical medicine specialist/physiatrist, and a neurourologist. You might try this way of finding physicians for your needs:

    I did an internet search and found Dr. Maureen D. Miner, physical medicine/pain/spinal cord medicine in Gilroy, CA. Here is her resume:
    Give her office a call and ask how much of her practice is spinal cord injury. Ask for an interview appointment. If you like her an her qualifications meet your needs, she will likely have recommendations for primary care doctors and urologists.

    Santa Clara Valley Medical Center has a recognized Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury program including a Women with Disabilities Healthcare Clinic.

    Stanford School of Medicine has a recognized Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitation program:

    Santa Clara and Stanford (Palo Alto) are not real close, but in California driving terms, not that far either. Stanford is about an hours drive, and Santa Clara about 45 minutes.

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    I would also recommend checking with the closest large SCI rehab center for any recommendations in your area. SCVMC would be the closest to you in the "Garlic Capital" (yum!) of CA!!


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    I don't have a doctor in my area that is well acquainted with all SCI issues, but I have educated my primary doctor, that I've had for 21 years, in SCI issues just by going to him and telling him whats going on. If I had the opportunity to go to a doctor who was highly educated in SCI matters I would, but at least I have one who'll check into anything new that I need and will take the time needed to do so.

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