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Thread: CT Spine Lumbar results

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    Question CT Spine Lumbar results

    Hi - just had the result of my CT spine lumbar scan, and am confused as my
    Doctor basically stated that I continue as normal - can anyone help?

    What does the result mean and what options do I have?

    I am a very fit 55 year old (exercised all my life) who has competed in many endurance events such as Ironman, but am now unable to ride a bike due to lower back / hip pain. Also, I am unable to sit for long periods, but can swim and run with no pain or discomfort. I seem to suffer when bending forward, and in particular when I stay in a forward and bent position.

    My CT scan result says:
    "At C2/3 there is a minor narrowing of the spinal canal due to ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. I don't think it is significant however and none of the transiting nerve roots are likely to be compressed.
    At L3/4 and L4/5 I think there is minor canal stenosis due to a combination of posterior disc bulge and ligamentum flavum / facet joint hypertrophy. The canal is reduced in size to around 50% of normal at these levels.
    Neither of the L3 or L4 exit foramina look significantly narrowed.
    At L5/S1 essentially normal appearances are demonstrated. I think the alignment is preserved but this should be confirmed with sagittal reformats. No bony pathology is seen."

    Thanking you in advance for any advice.

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    Hi Ashleigh, thanks for replying. I have not had a previous scan - this is my first.

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