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Thread: Electronic clutch for manual cars

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    Electronic clutch for manual cars

    I have read numerous threads on here regarding "clutch systems" for manual shift cars. I have had systems in the past in my native Ireland and have a system sitting boxed waiting for the day I decide to get another manual shift car. I recently inquired about another similar system with a few added goodie features from a company in England and asked about shipping etc. To buy the system costs 759 pounds sterling so add about another 50% to that for the cost in US dollars. Shipping to Southern California was 110 pounds again add another 50% to convert to US dollars. This is still mighty cheap compared to the prices I have heard floating around here so I am just passing on the info to anyone who might be looking.

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    That's a much more reasonable price for that system. Just a couple of years ago the system started at over 1500 pounds sterling so the price has finally dropped to a decent level.

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