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Thread: SuperArm 2000E Wheelchair lift for van

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    Red face SuperArm 2000E Wheelchair lift for van

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    Attachment 42632SuperArm 2000E wheelchair van lift we purchased for our full-size conversion van we just traded in recently for a newer van with an in-floor ramp. New they cost $6,000, we are asking $1,500. You can check out how they work on We have the installation & operator instructions manual. One of the nice things about the SuperArm, it doesn't take up the inside room a ramp does. Our daughter always thought she was on a ride when loading or unloading her.
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    Is this still available?

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    I would be very interested in buying the lift...can you message me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaphod View Post
    Is this still available?
    This is still available. Sorry it took so long to reply. My e-mail

    Thanks, Diane

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