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    I have to self cath about 4-5 times a day. I was on ditropan 20 mgs a day (insurance just stopped paying for it so I am fighting it) But I am going to Atlantic City for Valentines day. I want to be able to drink but with out this medicine I am cathing what seems to be every 2 hours sometimes less. When I drink alcohol, I am going to be going even more then this! Also I have issues getting to the bathroom, like I cannot feel my hands after a few drinks so that makes it a bit difficult to do so. I leak all the time as it is. I have never had full coverage with cathing I guess you could say. Like I always leak in between but not it is horrible. I dont know what to do. I feel horrible because my fiance wants me to have a good time and not worry about anything and I am so stressed over this.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

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    First of all, you need to appeal the denial of your Ditropan from your insurance. What was their reason? There are other anticholenergic meds, but having high pressures and leakage are putting your kidneys at risk. This is definitely a medical necessity, and you should get a letter that says that from your urologist. I assume you have had urodynamics to document your unsafe high pressures???

    For short term for your trip, it is possible for you to use an indwelling urethral catheter, but you should only do this recognizing that even short term use can increase your risks for UTIs, and without any Ditropan on board, it is possible you could leak around the catheter and be wet anyway.

    I would also caution you that many of the meds you may be taking should really not be combined with alcohol. What else are you taking?


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    Yea we are still in the appealing process but I have nothing right now. They are closed on Mondays too. Because I am on 20 mgs. a day they say that is too much and that they doc needs to approve it. I got the official denial from the insurance yesterday (from when my doctor submitted the appeal) They couldnt give me an answer because its the weekend. arg. Yes I have had that test, I moved about 2 years ago and my new urologist didnt think i needed to go through it because the medication was working wonders. Because I was a rebellious teen and refused to cath(which probably was more embarrassing then cathing itself) i have kidney damage =/ stupid teenage years. guess i can include that in the next appeal.

    moving hasnt exactly helped any of this ugh. swithching insurance who said they would cover my drug and then didnt and they want me to try all others which i have. i should have just left it all the same then trying to change it.

    This is actually all I am on. luckily.

    I will try getting hold of my primary who is also new.oy

    Thank you so much for getting back to me!

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    Hopefully the urologist can address the fact that MOST people with SCI who need Ditropan do indeed need 30 mg. daily. They are not the same as post-menopausal AB women with a "hyperactive" bladder.

    Can you get samples from your physician (the generic oxybutinin is fine) or purchase out of pocket until you can get this settled?


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    I will certainly try! I hope they have something just to hold me over. This is crazy going every 2 hours.

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    try vesicare works for me. ditropan stopped working for me

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    Vesicare and Ditropan cause me to have horrible DRY MOUTH. To the point of being unbearable. SCI NURSE...I imagine you will cringe when you see my new thread entitled Folley Cath vs. Mitrofanoff Reconstruction. I have been using a folley since 2008, with obvious cath changes on a reg. basis. I'm looking for answers about my options.
    To the author of this thread... I was in your shoes for nearly half my life. All through my school years I always had my stomach in knots because I was terrified that I wouldn't make it to the bathroom on time. OH if only depends were here back then! I hope you are not like me and being too proud and stubborn to resort to "DIAPERS"! But it changed my life when I could go out for several hours and stay dry!
    I hope you find your way to peace on this issue and I hope your AC Trip was/is? a blast! Thanks

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