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Thread: Help Needed with Study into Proposed Reversal of Spinal Cord Injuries

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    Originally posted by *Andy*:

    Andrew, subjective findings such as "I sweat more" (It is summer), "My hair is greasier" (Did you bathe lately?) "My nails are better" (Any dietary change?) "My neuropathic pain is worse" (Focusing on it again are we?) Do not in any way tell me that your ideas are curing SCI as claimed. I have yet to see anyone reporting jumping out of their chairs after trying your ideas. It didnt work with the ALS folks you tried to peddle your theories on, why would it work here? Do you yourself know that it works? Although maybe if we believe enough that it is helping it just might do something, eh? I have some trinkets I can mail out to some of your prospective participants that are guaranteed to cure SCI as well to help the 'cure' along. Actually, no, I wouldn't do that, I am not that cruel. This latest idea of yours strikes me as of the same ilk of your inclined bed, or did you just post this to resurrect another of your threads?
    do you realise how condescending and insulting your comments are? you are not just insulting andrew fletcher, but those of us who are trying the inclined bed. the above rant implies that the people who have made these subjective observations are not intelligent enough to correlate them with different stimuli. who are you to question other peoples' observations about their own condition? do you really think you're qualified?

    we're just trying something that might help the recovery process. i've tried some wacky stuff...some has helped, some not. but i'm glad i tried because i don't want to live with the "what ifs". i have no problem with your skepticism, but i do have a problem with your criticism. i feel insulted...especially by this last post. if i'm taking this the wrong way, please enlighten me. i would much rather be friendly than adversarial.


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    Dusty, If you want to try the bed therapy thing, more power to you. I have no problem with people that want to try different things, no matter how unorthdox they seem to me. The problem I have is with Andrew K. Fletcher, who will not address concerns presented with his theory other than replies such as 'just try it, its free!' or similar statements. Another thing I dont like is the way he presents his 'research' as on the same level as research being conducted by actual professional researchers such as Wise Young. Not to mention some of what he suggests is dangerous for a portion of the SCI population, and he doesnt seem to care. He has played this game with other cronic illness/condition groups on the internet and now he has moved on to SCI, whats next? It seems as though he himself doesnt know what his ideas will solve, so he preys on the hopes of others for the odd chance that he will become recognized for his ideas if they happen to actually work on something. As I said, if you want to try it, I could care less. However, I will be a thorn in AFK's side as long as he is here.

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