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We are now in the process of conducting a simple free study, which is already producing results as predicted, since it began in April 03. We have a long way to go in order to convince people with spinal cord injuries that there is light at the end of the research tunnel.

I have been researching the effects of gravity on spinal cord injuries since 1995 and have already proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that even complete spinal cord injuries dating back as much as 18 years can be reversed to some degree!

I want to share my information with people suffering from spinal cord injuries in the hope that some of you may want to help me with my research, by assisting me with this important study.

The intervention is non-invasive, does not involved drugs, has been shown to work! And needs to be tested on a larger scale now.

My discovery is in how gravity drives the cerebrospinal fluid, induces nerve regeneration, and facilitates effective guidance to regenerating nerves. This is achieved by altering posture to make use of gravity and can repair a large amount of the damage in complete / incomplete spinal cord injuries. However, this does not solely relate to spinal function and a vast amount of other benefits have been reported, namely restored bowel and bladder function, increased metabolism, reductions in infections and particularly urinary infections. A general decreases in pain. However, during nerve regeneration, people have reported a temporary increase in pain.

My work is currently under review by.

Colleen Condon
Information Specialist
Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center. Though I am informed that under review does not mean under review for funding :-)

My telephone number is 01803 524117 UK or +44 1803524117 int'l

Address: Summer Haze, 26 Berry Drive, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 3QW, UK

I can also be contacted on

Initial publication of an introduction to my discovery and its implications can be found at the Institute of Physics

Some information about my discovery and how it applies to people with spinal cord injury:
Moose's Spinal Injury Forum

Online Theory behind the therapy.

Latest Press coverage:

'Tilting' beds to save lives
by Kirsty Turner

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Andrew Fletcher, of Paignton, says that his novel bed design could save the NHS 'a fortune' as well as giving people a far better quality of life

A FORMER West Country engineer claims that his gravity invention will save thousands of lives and even alter our perception of evolution.

Andrew Fletcher, of Paignton, has been battling for nine years to have his theory of gravity powered circulation recognised by the medical profession.

His studies, which have cost around £13,000, protest that raising a person's bed a few inches with blocks of wood or ordinary house bricks can guard against life-threatening illnesses.

The findings fly in the face of a widely-held consensus in the medical world which says patients' legs should be raised in order to assist circulation and varicose veins.

But Mr Fletcher has been handed a major boost after Cambridge University included his findings on their science and plants for schools (SAPS) website which colleges use as part of their national curriculum.
SAPS Page with Theory

Now the man, who has waged a relentless campaign to have his voice heard, says that he is on the brink of blowing the general understanding of science and medicine out of the water.

'I am overjoyed and extremely grateful that my findings have been used on this site and it is another huge leap towards gaining full medical recognition for my discovery,' he said.

'I am now hoping that schools will help to test my theory and its simple tubular experiments with water flowing up instead of down.

'I can see light at the end of the tunnel. This discovery will undoubtedly save countless thousands of lives and will even change our understanding of the evolutionary process as it will show that Darwin's natural selection is not the primary driving force but, instead, gravity dictates and drives evolution.'

Director of SAPS Paul Beaumont said: 'He has some novel ways on how plants use gravity and we have alerted people to this resource.'

Mr Fletcher's latest success is with a man from Brixham suffering from diabetes.

Three years ago, the man was preparing to undergo laser eye surgery in an attempt to curb a long-standing sight problem.

But having tilted the bed, the man's sight improved to such an extent that he decided to scrap plans of going under the surgeon's knife.

'The results have been phenomenal,' said Mr Fletcher.

'I have helped thousands of people suffering from many conditions and when the medical profession recognises the full implications of this theory, it will literally save the NHS a fortune.'

His therapy system was developed after he discovered how gravity-driven circulation occurs within trees and subsequently applied the theory to the human body.

According to Mr Fletcher, even the ancient Egyptians had inclined beds, mirroring his now tried and tested five-degree angle.

A picture of an inclined bed, showing a simple modification that costs next to nothing.

The bed needs to be raised no less than six inches/15cm's at the head end and preferably elevating to eight inches when you have become used to the incline.

MSRC Report on inclined bed therapy for multiple sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injuries.

This report was compiled independently by John and Jeen Simkins of The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre in Essex.
Thread containing MSRC Report

Polite note:

If you do not agree with either my theory or approach to conducting this study, I respect your views and ask you to please ignore any posts on this thread and let us at least try to either prove or disprove my theory.


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