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Thread: Head pressure

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    This is not at all what you have I think it might be related to you changing positions and hlh why are you again diagnosing didn't you read the entire post? I would see your doctor though they might have a better answer for you it most likely has to do with you changing positions or your blood pressure since you do have a history of high bp and heart rate issues. I would try to take your blood pressure when you are experiencing the headaches it may clue you in further.

    Ok Shasms. I appreciate you trying to help too. Can't we all pitch in? I'm simply recommending s/he see their doctor.
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    I appreciate all thoughts..and i'm a woman

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    I think you definitely should talk to your Dr. I think some orthostatic blood pressure testing would be good. As I mentioned before its possible the symptoms are a result of bp changes, especially since you have a history of high bp and tachycardia.
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    Is there any reason why you haven't talked to a neurologist about your problem? It seems like you've had it a long time.

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