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Thread: Singer Whitney Houston dead at 48

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherocksandsherolls View Post
    Addiction is a disease, it is classified as such..and it is not a choice to desire so desparetely to NOT be lucid, to not feel all the feelings one does when not under the influence of drugs. Real Drug addicts do not do drugs for fun or to party, but because the NEED to do so is so strong and they just can't convince themselves that they or their own life is worth the pain of stopping for...the emotional struggles and pain is such that we do not, fame, family or not. SOme are just not strong enough..and the "responsibility" they bear is not something they can meet. How does one measure emotional pain and addiction?...for those who are successful and strong enough, how do we know they were just less addicted? had less pain they needed to hide from in the stupor of drugs? how do we know truly how some are successful and other not?

    There is no drug that can fix this..for all..for some the need and urge and the underlying power of the pain is too powerful. Many addicts have history of childhood abuse and sexual abuse..others have other deeply damaging issues they are trying to fix with self medication.

    How much evidence does one need? Another star, family member is dead.

    CHick: I probably have no idea what I am talking about..I really have no one I know who has had this issue..other than my grandmother who died an alcoholic when I was young...but I read and watch the shows on addictions..I understand the need to point out responsibility..
    No, you are pointing to some very important issues, issues that greatly impact an addict and their addiction. Of course no one chooses to have their lives ruined by drugs or to be in such a drug induced stupor to be unable to think or function. No one chooses to die face down in a pool of their own vomit marinating in their own excrement. No one chooses to inflict pain to themselves and everyone around them... but sometimes they just don't care, or the consequences are just too much to comprehend and too far in the future to give any thought about. Tomorrow can be a lifetime and the next hour too far. What matters is now, and the high.

    For whatever reason one chooses drugs - pain, escape, thrill, whatever - it's a choice they make and ultimately up to them to stop. Again, this is not to say it is easy and not without a tremendous amount of environmental supports being necessary, as one's support system is crucial to the recovery process, but it's a choice nonetheless. Addiction is not about making thoughtful decisions and acting conscientiously, but it doesn't function without the choices made.

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    Anyway, back to Whitney...

    This is my Whitney

  3. #53, the genetics of addiction:

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    Am I the only one who's observed that Saving All My Love for You is a song about having an affair with a married man with a family and hoping to be a homewrecker? I love the song! I just find it funny a Gospel singer made it big with that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Fran├žais View Post
    Am I the only one who's observed that Saving All My Love for You is a song about having an affair with a married man with a family and hoping to be a homewrecker? I love the song! I just find it funny a Gospel singer made it big with that one.
    no. you're not. but i'm pretty sure she wasn't choosing a lot of her songs. it's the voice everybody loves. a remarkable voice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djrolling View Post
    Right and if we all would just try harder we would all recover...
    So if you were offered being AB with a terrible crack or heroin addiction or being an SCI victim, you might choose the latter right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Being an ahole is a character flaw also.
    Jim, sorry I didn't know. Hopefully you have a strong family and support structure, and we're here for you also.

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    the above was cut short, here is the ending:
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    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    I watched Costner's speech in realtime this morning while I was getting ready to go shopping... It was the saddest thing he's been in since Waterworld. All jokes aside, it was a touching tribute and I hope Whitney gets some peace, wherever she is.
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