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Thread: Respite from hell

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    Respite from hell

    This is one post I did not expect to be making. In other threads/post I reported on my struggles over the past year dealing with a fractured femur and shoulder pain seriously aggravated when I had to resort to a manual wheelchair for about three months. Then, about two months ago I started developing a burning abdominal pain and AD. The problem has been tentatively diagnosed as recurrent prostatitis, but I have not responded to treatment. I have had multiple scans and lab studies but everything keeps coming back negative. The pain and sweating are almost overwhelming at times. The only relief stems from lying on my side in bed or leaning slightly forward and to the left when in my wheelchair. Just about any movement brings on the sweating. I have been on the verge of going to narcotic based pain meds but have been resisting because of bowel issues. My quality of life plummeted to zero.

    In my last discussion with my primary care physician, we decided that I should try getting my shoulders re-injected with prednisone again to at least rid myself of some of that pain. Wednesday I went back to the sports med clinic where I have been getting my shoulders treated. Both shoulders were injected with Depo Medrol. When I started getting up Thursday morning I noticed some definite improvement. The pain in both shoulders and upper arms was not nearly as bad as it had been. As I continued dressing, I just felt strange. Finally I realized that my abdominal pain was gone and I had not started sweating. That afternoon I had an appointment with my primary care doc and explained what had happened. Our guess is that as the prednisone is being absorbed into my system and circulating through my body, it is also reducing the inflammation in my abdomen or whatever has been causing those symptoms. On the other hand, it could just be a coincidence that the relief came after the injections All we can do is wait and see what happens. So here I am on Saturday feeling better than I have been in months. I am able to smile again.

    It is just another of those surprises SCIs and the wonders of medicine bring. I will keep you posted.
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    I'm happy for your relief. Constant pain is an insidious evil.
    Have you tried amitriptyline for the abdominal pain?

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    High Five!

    I hope this isn't just a break. I hope it's permanent.

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    It is nice to hear good news for a change. Congrats.

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    So glad you're getting some time off from the terrible pain. Wish it could be permanent!

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    I hope your healthy streak continues.

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    Truly serendipitous - long may it last!

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    Sometimes it feels like when we stop moving, the pain settles in. At least that was my experience over the past year (especially with my shoulders).

    Glad you're getting respite and can smile! Hope it continues!
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    I'll post something in a different thread: however, aging w/ SCI/D is hit or miss even with the best of SCI specialists as we are the first to surpass the "expected" survival rate.
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    Great news, and I hope your relief lasts for a very long time!

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