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Thread: Physicians in wheelchairs

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    Physicians in wheelchairs

    I did a quick search and couldn't find any threads, but are there any physicians or doctors that practice in wheelchairs? If so, what is your speciality and what are some of the biggest challenges you face?

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    I had a buddy 20 years ago that was a pediatric ER doc. He was polio and had really atrophied legs, was in good shape otherwise.

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    Dr. Lin at Shepherd is the physiatrist at Shepherd. He contracted TM while he was in college. He did his rehab at Shepherd and that helped him decide to work with SCI.
    When you go back as an outpatient to Shepherd, he is the doctor you usually see. He is about a T3-4 complete, I think.

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    Paraplegic sailor Rick Doerr is a plastic surgeon. I sailed on his boat once.

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    Dr. Suzy Kim Helping spinal injury patients move forward

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    There was a physiatrist at International Center for the Disabled named Dr. Wu. I didn't ask the cause of his disability nor do I know where he's practicing now, but it was nice to have a doctor that knew what he was doing.

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    CareCure member BriRi is a radiologist.

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    Steve Steins, MD at the SCI Center at the Seattle VAMC.

    I have also worked with Suzy Kim who is at both UC Irvine & the VA Long Beach, CA.

    Glen White & Jesse Bowers have both passed away.


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    I knew a doctor in St. Cloud that is in a chair. He specializes in cerebal palsy with kids. He has a SCI I think.

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    I just applied to medical school. I'm finishing my undergrad a year early, and I missed most medical school application deadlines, so I only applied to a couple of schools with later deadlines. No interviews or rejections yet!

    If I'm rejected I will be reapplying.

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