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Thread: Quads r to Funny !

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    Quads r to Funny !

    I've been pretty down lately,but hung with some family and friends tonight,had a few cold beers, and some of my "terror" moments came up....we had a blast laughing over what at the time,were not really funny moments.But when you look back it;s just life !!It lightend me up a bunch,and I think it opened up some of the people that were less comfortable with laughing at my situations. All n all,
    I think we need to laugh a lot more !!...Life sux a lot ,but Ifeel better with a Sh**Eating grin on my face !!

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    A bunch of years ago, my son and son-in-law were commiserating about something irritating that they had to go through at work, and that degenerated in to a bunch of "yeah and not only that but...". I got tired of their whining and said "Every time I need to pee, I have to shove a 14" tube up my penis." There was dead silence for about 5 seconds, and then all three of us cracked up!
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    If not for laughter, I'd have been dead long ago. I try to make someone smile or laugh every day. Self-preservation I guess.

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