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Thread: What's the proper technique for firing a PCA?

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    What's the proper technique for firing a PCA?

    Even with long-term care insurance, I'm going broke.

    My day PCA gets $18 per hour and insists on a guaranteed 18 to 19 hours a week, even if she goes home early most days and actually works about 13-15 hours. Her favorite words are "that's not my job."

    My night PCA, who can mow the lawn, shovel snow, change lightbulbs and install smoke detectors, do wheelchair repairs, wash my car and shop for me in addition to his regular duties, says he can do double duty at $15 an hour because he needs the money.

    What should I do, folks?

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    Maybe I'm missing something, but why would you not fire the person who is a less helpful worker, taking advantage of you? Especially since your second PCA (who sounds like my fantasy....) is interested in taking her hours?

    It's a win win...

    Tell her that times are hard, and you will be cutting back to one PCA. You chose to keep PCA #2 because he can provide more services then she is willing to do.

    I would actually tell her that, so she realizes why she lost her job.

    Offer him the hours, and it sounds like he will be more willing to work/be paid for only what is needed. I would also maybe give him a little raise, and continue to treat him very well.

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    Yeah, it's a no-brainer. If "that's not my job" is her favourite saying, make it so.

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    Why do you put up with that bullish*t?

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    If the second PCA is available for the times you need I'd give him the hours.

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    The answer to your question is to pay her two weeks in lieu of notice. Here I would also have her record of employment prepared with the reason for dismissal.

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    I plan to let her go after Valentine's Day. I guess I put up with her because I acted as though the unemployment rate was 1.9 percent rather than 9.1 percent.

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    I'm on the medicaid waiver program which pays for my Mon-Sat morning workers. About 15 years ago, I had a worker that I suspected of stealing items from the house and was a little worried as to her state of mind by some of her beliefs/statements, not to mention the fact that she was constantly telling me she carried a gun in her car. Anyhow, I called my county division to tell them that I would like to have a new worker due to my fears and speculations. For some reason, they waited until she was here working to call and inform her of my decision and partial reasons why I had made them. She started acting even crazier and if not for the fact that my grandparents happen to drop by, I actually think she would have flipped out on me.

    So.... my advise would be to have someone else there when you inform her of your decision. You never know what people might do.

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    wow scott.

    Im at the point where I need someone to come help with house work, but Im afraid of being ripped off or hiring a nut job, so have put it off.

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    great advice from Scott. Have someone with you when you give her notice.

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