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Thread: What's the proper technique for firing a PCA?

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    Thanks, folks. I wouldn't never do it alone with her in the house, unless I want to read it in the police blotter. I might need to change the locks, too.

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    Question: Who will be your back up aide if the PCA becomes sick, has car problems or just needs a vacation?

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    That's a good one, Peegy. I have to find somebody.

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    I've mentioned it before, but up here in the GWN we have the offshore live-in caregiver program. Minimum wage for two years+, then they apply to become permanent residents and can sponsor their family. I've got an application on stream to bring over one of my current workers' sisters. That is going to free up a lot of care dollars that I can use in other slots during my week.

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    firing pca

    I agree with Vanquad... Make sure someone is there with you and cover your hours after the firing.

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    I decided to make it a pay cut proposal ($50 less a week) and see if she goes for it and resigns.

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    But what will you do if she accepts the offer? Do you really want her around when she has that sort of attitude and is not very helpful?
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    I totally understand the reluctance to give up the familiarity of even a crappy aide, but it's so worth it. Better people ARE out there. The best policy is to be direct. Playing games will only make an awkward situation more awkward. It's easy to say, I know, but if you're less than transparent you risk her taking vindictive action as some sort of victim.

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    On Sunday night I walked into the bedroom and aide was being snotty to my spouse about how late he wanted to watch a movie and that she had to study for a test the next day.
    Since she was being paid for an overnite and is considered respite for me (in another bedroom) it really pissed me off.
    I told her this is her job and that we support her going to school, but it is up to her when she studies.
    She ended up in the bathroom crying and I felt like a shithead.
    Spouse was glad I said something, but I wish he had said it himself.
    It is all very, very complicated.
    Hope it works out for you Peter.

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    Peter, cutting the pay of someone who already has a bad attitude is a really bad idea. When she strands you some a.m., what will you do? She could do more than pull a no show. She could leave you in the shower without a way to call anyone. That kind of craziness happens. It sucks when it does and is obviously dangerous.

    Check with your evening PCA to ensure he is willing and available. Establish a written contract with him detailing duties, hours, days off, rate of pay, etc. KLD previously posted a contract of what she uses for her mother's caregivers. You might start there for a good framework as it protects you and the employee, too.

    Have someone there with you when you tell the about to be terminated PCA your needs and required hours have changed. Have the locks changed in advance of her arrival. Hand her two weeks pay, ask for the return of any keys or personal property and have your friend/relative/SO escort her to the door.

    Immediately begin interviewing for fill in/back up help. There will be times when the PCA you love will be unable to be there. It can also be good to have someone in the loop for the day your good, primary PCA tenders resignation.

    Hope you soon have better help more consistently.

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