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Thread: Para Fitness Test

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    Para Fitness Test

    Fellow paras. I created a Para Fitness Test. I am using the data to create benchmarks for paraplegic fitness. I need as much data as possible. Please take a moment to do the test.
    It involves one exercise and only takes a few minutes.

    You simply time how long you can hold a Wheelchair Dip or pressure release. I plan to graph and distribute the results after I get about 100 data points.


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    I'm not sure how doing a dip relates to fitness. I can ride a handcycle for 20 miles, work out in a gym twice a week and ride an fes bike 16 miles a week but doubt I could do a w/c dip anymore. Does than mean I'm not fit cause I can't hold a w/c dip for any length of time. Just asking.

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    I don't do half the things Patrick does, but could hold a dip for minutes at a time!
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    I agree. Your "fitness" parameter only evaluates strength in a specific muscle group, & even then does not include any provision for those whose shoulder pain, not weakness, may limit their endurence for this specific activity. If you are trying to determine cardio fitness or exercise tolerance, this would not be a valid tool.


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    I just started working out last week so I'd pretty much be considered a couch potato on your questionnaire and I'm over weight, however I can hold that position for a very long time due to doing it all the time for as long as I can. I would personally not consider myself fit at the moment.
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    Eric, this is a great idea..I only did like 80 seconds..but mostly because 1.) my blood pressure dropped and b. the palms of my hands hurt before my arms gave out..the pressure from the tire on the hand ..ouch!

    also, just a asked for level of function..then asked if complete or incomplete.. (below level of injury) I think most people would answer "level of function" which would make the other question not make sense..( how would one answer if their level was t1 and they were a incomplete from c 6-7 for example? I don't think you will get the info you need.?? I think you want to know incomplete to what level? was a hard test..also I found myself able to cheat a bit without wanting to from leaning butt into chair etc..whichc is kinda hard not to do lol!
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    PARA FITNESS TEST - Wheelchair Dip Hold

    The point of the Wheelchair Dip Hold was to come up with an exercise simple enough that most paraplegic WC users can do it. And will do it.

    I intend to create a number of exercises to gauge other levels of fitness. But, before, I did that, I wanted to see if I would get a large enough response.

    So far about 130 people have taken the test.

    If anyone has ideas for other exercises, please feel free to suggest them here.

    The idea is to use exercises that don't require special equipment, training, or skill.

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