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Thread: Wheelchair contingency plans

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    I don't have a plan and have always wondered what I'd do. Right now my back up chair is awful, really painful to use. It would be a misery to be stuck with but I am hoping to have my Icon soon and that will mean I will have an awesome back up with my Tilite TR.

    I don't know how we can manage it but I bring it up now and then of having a network of contacts for other chair users so that when we do break down we can get some help. I have several sets of wheels and all sorts of parts. I thought it would be especially nice for traveling but I guess it would be nearly as useful when we're near to home.

    I've always wondered what it would be like pushing with a flat and if I could even do it. I hope I never find out. I haven't had a flat yet with any manual chair, I did get them with powerchairs. Sucked.

    Sorry about your accident, the skateboarder should pay you back for everything and extra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJC View Post
    I had a back cane break off my old chair among other parts, luckily I'd kept the previous chair which was the same in the garage to parts harvest
    This strikes me as a very sensible (maybe *the* most sensible?) solution to the problem. Unfortunately, I'm not there yet. This is my first 'serious' wheelchair.

    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    How do you get your chairs in Belgium? *Do you get them or do you buy them or do you pay some? *You need a second chair - always. *I even have a third. *We don't pay but do not have so much choise for which chair but it is legal to get two for free.
    The base price of any wheelchair is entirely subsidized here, as long as it's medically justified. We pay out of pocket for anything not included in that base price, such as scissor locks, Schwalbe tires and fold-down handles.

    I can't get two chairs of the same kind funded by the same subsidizing entity * within less than five years of each other. I suppose I could ask for a partial subsidy on what the Americans here might refer to as a 'K4' chair. Not sure that's worth the three to five hundred euros I'd probably still pay for it, though, when it wouldn't be much better than a random red cross loaner.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    I learned early on that having a backup wheelchair was critical.A real break came when they developed chairs with pop off wheels. I kept an extra wheel in my van so that when at work or where ever, that is as far as I had to go. I just popped the new one on. It saved me a few times because I worked in an environment full of bulletin boards with tacks dropping off.
    This! This is going to be my contingency plan. Great idea. Thanks, 55!

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    i don't have a back up chair, just back up parts. so extra casters, bearings, and wheels. those are the parts most likely to fail. for brakes, i just took them apart and got screws to match from the hardware store. it has helped me in the past so i can instruct a friend on what to do until i can get to a dme
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