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    7 35.00%
  • Did not change very much or at all

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  • Had a slight loss of function (lost some strength and sensation)

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  • Had substantial loss of function (had ascent of neurological level)

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Thread: Just returned home from Dr. Lima's procedure!!!!!

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    The "different" and "better" combination has already been preformed in two American patients.. I do not yet know the exact details of the "combined" surgery, so please forgive me if i implied using different cells in combination of olfactory mucosa, as this is not the case, unfourtanatly.
    In Portugal they now have a new Lokomat that i plan to go and use in the near future. I will also be making huge buisness plans for a cure!
    Gods speed~

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    Hello Susan, i'm glad to know that you are recovering very good. I'ts been 4 months since the Dr.Lima OEG transplantation,and untill now got some balance improvements ( t1 complete) and in my last MRI,the saw that i already got signal to my legs. I already can do the walking with leg braces,what is a good exercise.I believe that the best things are goeing to apear from now on,considering to the fact i had an extented injury, it takes more time. Are you still doeing that laserponcture?
    Best regards, Jose Carlos.

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    back home in mn.
    Hi Susan. My ex happens to be staying in Houston at this time...where is Sciwalker located? Would he be able to check things out in person while he is there? Oh and pssst., check emails if you get the chance, k? Teresa

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    Teresa, Sciwalker is located in Austin, but from what I understand, it doesn't have a physical location yet.

    Susan, if you read this & haven't fully fallen off the face of the earth, check your email and/or turn your phone on. Better yet, call me.

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    back home in mn.
    I guess I assumed Houston but will pass the information on to kid's father. TY. Hope all is well Susan!

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    Gods speed for a cure~

    [This message was edited by Susan R Fajt on 11-08-04 at 03:38 PM.]

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    hello to the world!

    I have decided to give a brief update on my progress to date.

    I have sensation through-out my legs, it is not normal, but i know where i am being touched and am thankful for this..

    Last week, when i was literally out of contact with the world because i decided to visit my wonderful sister Julie who lives out in the country of Okla. Being that my exercise equipment was not there she helped me stand using minimal assistance daily, meaning i can almost stand on my own if i have something to hold onto and she was *very* helpful!

    i have been working out on my crosstrainer and realized that i have great balance and need no assistance to do my streching standing up.(need to make a video of this, you guys would be impressed!) Also, can move one leg at a time in a walking motion when on the machine.

    I have yet to walk that stinking mile, but am on my way..(sigh) There has been lots going and it is difficult to find a balance between helping others and doing everything possible to figure out the best path for myself.. I think it maybe time to move on to a combination therapy.

    Gods speed~

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    Great update.
    Impressive standing with minimal assistance and the great gains in balance. Keep up all the hard work.
    Best wishes

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    Dear Susan!

    I'm Tamas Buzai (18 years) from Hungary. I have a terrible motor-
    accident 1 year ago, my c5 broke, I had/have a cervical spinal cord
    injury, and I can't feel and move anything down to my chest.

    I would like to ask for your help! I have read about You and about
    Laura Domingez, and I'd like to get into touch with Laura as well,
    because she has the same injury like me. If You know her e-mail
    adress, please send it to me!

    My e-mail address is:

    Thank you for your help!

    tamas buzai

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    I am so sorry to hear of your accident.

    Most of my family lives in Hungary, i miss them very much and look forward towards seeing them very soon.. Maybe i will be able to meet you when i fly in?

    Check your private topics..

    Gods speed~

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