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Thread: Just returned home from Dr. Lima's procedure!!!!!

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    Wow, nice, I still don't understand how that could work though. My legs spazz and toss me around, but I don't think they're interested in going for a walk. You probably explain it in the video, but the audio on my computer mysteriously died the other day.
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    If your legs toss you around, then i highly recommend for you to at least *try* out a pair of braces... You will suprise yourself, i always do and this will also take away the tone and your legs will relax after a good work out, believe me!

    Still demanding answers...!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan Fajt

    C'mon, you know i am crazy like that, all natural...

    Ok, it is possible, i am living proof as is many others and i can only believe that this will bring you hope and many laughs to come, just wait till i post my sitting down video, oh dear.

    It is time to raise some questions and demand some answers! These videos are *nothing* compared to the cats/rats recovering fully from SCI... I am certain you have all seen them, right?

    this video is most definatly not my best, but i am getting one up because i said i would!!!

    Godspeed to us to fight our hearts out!

    The ones i have are so much better. Nonethless this is great. They need to see where you turn around. So proud of you. I'm ready to go whale um er i mean male hunting when were better across the globe. And i can't wait toooooo get mine- im so excited!!!! My insurance company needs to hurry it up!!
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    My son is t5/6, granted incomplete but walks well with very heavy, lined kafo's...we have friends who are both t4 complete who walk with braces and walker. One has added back/ab brace with swivel to aide balance issues.

    Stretching prior use is advised for those with spasticity/spasms [but of course with anyone's situation, that's a must- before and after- warm up and cool down.]

    Prepare your body for things it's not been use to while waiting to receive your legs braces if you haven't been already.

    My son did that. He stood in leg braces practicing his balance and bending. It was then one step forward, bringing his other leg up next to the one he brought forward and switching the next step. Eventually he progressed, gaining strength and ability to swing legs, step after step. Some day we hope he will get a lighter, less brace...I think he will amaze us.

    I highly recommend contacting - they believe in peoples abilities. They do not *sell* one type product, they assist in getting you evaluated for the type bracing, fitting, etc. you need personally.
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    "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.

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    My son is a complete C6-7 and he walks for exercise with braces and forearm crutches. It took a long time for him to develop the upper body strength and the leverage to get up from the floor, etc., but it can be done.

    Wildwilly, a PT at RIC also talks about complete quads who walk like this.

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    Lady T,

    How are you? Miss you tons! Anyway, please tell us about Harrison, i miss that man, we had so much fun working out together in Austin...(sigh) Please put up a video it is really easy i will *walk* ya through it.. lol.. Ok talk soon and lots of love!
    Mom- will you put up a video of your couragous son doing this as it might kick start hope for others, it would be amazing to see.. thank you very much for posting this btw.

    Dr. Young,

    Could you possibly chime in here and tell us what level *usually* is functional in a doctors mind to give a prescription for braces, thanks for all you do and continue to do.. Godbless you and hurry up and find the cure.. (small grin, yet serious as can be..)

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    Hey Susan. Your latest [?] video walking looked great!
    Harry is doing well, busier than ever with classes now and his independence established since September but he still makes time to work out and walk with his braces. From what I gather it's the *chickies* that are being neglected- believe it or not! LOL.
    I don't know of progress since your competitve work-outs almost a year ago [wow...time flies] but I do know that he has been gaining back the muscle mass he felt he had started to lose when he didn't have access to all his equipment [in storage] while back home here a few months ago and too much *fun*~
    It does make a difference, keeping life balanced. Glad to see you are doing so too. Stay with it.
    And if by some miracle his braces get re-fitted/adjusted to offer him more mobility, I will video tape it and share his progress here. ~ T. ...Do you still have that video of you two walking?
    "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.

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    Awe T,

    I lost it when my home got broken into and computer stolen.. Anyway, i am certain the Scitrainer does not get negleted, this is what has helped us so much imo.. Thank God he got one before i relocated and everything went to the *backburner*, i will be working very hard in efforts to make a difference!!! Ok, please put a video up of Harrison so we can see when you get a chance and tell everyone i said hello and much love. Oh yeah, tell Harry to get in here and chat with us.. The women can wait, lol..
    Godspeed for a cure~
    Susan. x

    I will try and put a video up of the fourtunate rats and cats walking after complete spinal cord injuries... If others have them on hand, please jump in here and help, thanks...

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    can you raise your knee in the pool?

    Also, there is no real way to know what has arrived from hard work
    and from any proceedure is there?

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Yes, there is a way to know if something works as opposed to does not. Such as, if i where to be cured with a procedure then i would know because i wouldn't be paralyzed any longer, this is common sense. Perhaps i do not understand your statement/question? Anyway, yes i can lift my leg up a little bit in the pool and bring them in and out, it is difficult but doable.

    Godspeed for a cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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