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Thread: Just returned home from Dr. Lima's procedure!!!!!

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    Does anyone have any information about the clinic in Germany ( x-cell center) that treats patients with spinal cord injury with their own stem cells taken from the bone marrow?

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    Hi dguintu

    Check this link and speak with Rich.

    please come back to report

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    Hello, it's been awile...

    I have been asked to be in a video documentary and with this comes a possible trip to Russia where i have been told that they are having amazing results... This is an awesome opportunity for me to find out more info and possibly undergo another stem cell adenture in hopes of more returned function!!! I have been told that four doctors are working very hard here in the USA and i will know much, much more as time passes within the months to come. My hope is that what i have heard will hold true and I too will be standing/walking with no assistance! I will provide more information as i am in direct contact with several patients. Maybe i will be a guinea pig *again*, lol.. Everyone please help guide me for the documentary, thanks as this will help us move forward! The best opportunities for us would be awesome. Mush luck to us
    Godspeed for a cure~

    btw- thanks for the info on the german endeavors very much!!!
    Just got back from another interesting journey, therefore i have not been able to do much.. Lots to catch up on as always...(sigh of relief to be back home and preparing to go again) I will speak in more detail later as i am totally exhausted, for real!

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    Glad you are still at it Susan and able to keep up the hands on pursuit. We will all look forward to your updates as the quest continues for a way out. Hopefully before some of us are too old to take advantage.
    I used to do all i could to turn every stone but eventually ran out of money and had to go back to work. Uugh! Anyway, LOL for now and best wishes.


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    susan f. is there anything further you are able to share with whats going on in russia and where? thanks for any info.

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    Thank you for the sweet words of hope and for the endeavors to be fruitful. No, i will not let any stone be unturned so long as i have the strength and energy to fight for what i believe is curable, SCI!
    In anycase, yes i will provide information about the technique that i underway in Russia, i will ask for them to send me *exactly* what is being done and will post it as it comes back which will be within a day or so.
    Godspeed for a cure

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    Here is some info that i have been reading---
    This sounds very good and as i have stated, the patients are very happy with the procedure in Russia. This is not the informtion that i will await from the producers of Paramount whom have asked if i would like to undergo this technique. Much more will come out of this i believe, Hans Keirstead will also be interviewed.
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    That's good news Susan. If Russia works out for you, I'll be following you ASAP! I need a change of scenery from Montana anyway.

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    I didnt know the Russians were working on a cure. I do know that Iran has been, and have been coordinating with the Russians, but I didnt know Russia itself was conducting the procedures. very interesting.

    I just read this thread from start to finish. Do you think Dr. Lima's procedure 'atleast' recovered you into an incomplete SCI person from complete?. You are now able to feel no? a friend of mind is 2 years post and he cant feel a thing. Of course the procedure didnt bounce you back on your feet, but I think theres a lot of people out there that would pay 60k just to feel their bladders and toes again. *shrugs*

    Anywho, going to see dr.lima is probably not the best bet because it eliminates you from being a participant here in the states.

    I have full confidence in our drs. (young, keirstead, etc) who seem to have a more complex solution to SCI. I still have my eye on India as well, but for the mean time I will work my butt off in rehab.

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    Susan- this is your thread... it means something to those who do care about you, know you mean well- no matter the differences of life choices and ways of- that you respond... as I sure hope if those that only have negative things to say or in response to your endeavors would do so elsewhere, members only forum eh?! Newcomers need guidance to or away from procedures--- often one doesn't read through an entire thread, etc. And I would certainly like to read updates of your search as I know you will never quit doing so. It's been awhile girl, privately or publically- how are you doing? - and any *hints* of good news to share?
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