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Thread: group home for sci in phx arizona

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    group home for sci in phx arizona

    I am the daughter of a 66 year old woman who fractured c4 9 1/2 weeks ago, and is an incomplete quad. She spent 5 1/2 weeks in acute rehab and did great. She was moved January 17th to a SNF that promised things they didnt deliver, so after 3 weeks of going backwards in rehab (long story), she is going back to acute rehab until her benefits run out.... 2-3 my hunt is on for a group home...just as scary as a SNF!!! I'm hoping someone out there can lead me in a direction.... She is completely coherent (sp?) and can direct her own care, but does have a lot of pain in her arms. experience is kinda important I'm glad I finally found this forum. I'm hoping for some help and support. It's just me and my mom working through this, while my husband and kids are holding down the home front.

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    JenJen might know of something, she lives down there. You might send her a PM if she doesn't see this thread.
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    Thanks Bobby... Yup Pendall, if you'll PM your contact info to me, I'll hook you with resources. I just used a decent care facility while I was dealing with my broken legs.
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    JENN you have my contact. me Joe!
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